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Welcome Post

This is primarily a fandom journal.

I've made this journal to keep all my fanfic sources in one place and convenient. If I've befriended you, it's because I like reading your work and would like to keep current with your fiction.

Very few posts will be made at this journal. Most will be fanfic related and will consist of links and recs. If I find a link that I think is great, I'll put it here.

Also, I never lock my entries. What you see is what you get. Sorry there's no mystery, that's just not how I roll. Not a big fan of the cliques and "ooh, my thoughts are too grand for the proletariat".

Once Upon a Time

So, I'm kinda gone a leetle crazy over Once Upon a Time. It had Prince Charming defending his baby with a SWORD. I was gone with the pilot with that. And it got better!

I was initially hesitant because I wasn't a big LOST fan (the two head writers are from LOST) but I have enjoyed the ramp up.

And the Finale was everything I wanted.

and H/C friends? The more I watch this one, the more I think it's right up your alley! I mean, Prince Charming DIES in the first episode and then spends three in a coma!! The whump is all text!

Hawaii 5-0 220: Ha'alele

I can't believe Hawaii 5-0 made me cry.

Babylon 5 seasons super cheap on Amazon!

The individual seasons of Babylon 5 are going for very cheap right now on Amazon! I think I might get 2,3 4 cuz they're soooo my favourite.

Season 1 $16.69

Season 2 $18.99

Season 3 $15.90

Season 4 $24.80

Season 5 $13.87

Top 100 Sci-Fi Novels

Gacked from smittywing: Bold if you've read, italicize ones you fully intend to read, underline if it's a book or series you've read part but not all of.

This list includes fantasy novels. It should have been called the Top 100 SF/Fantasy novels. And if we are including Fantasy, where is Narnia. It has been just as influential if not more then some of the ones chosen.

Let's see what I've readCollapse )

Ultimate Spider-Man 160

I have the issues leading up to it.

But I can't bear to pick it up and read it.

I love Peter Parker so much.

I don't think I can take reading/watching it.

Community/Doctor Who fic rec

This is an amazing fic. Hilarious and heartwarming.

Tea Time and Time Lords: A Primer - by blithers - Tenth Doctor & Community ensemble

Go. Read. Now!

Firefly rewatch


There's a new Firefly rewatch community!



Firefly = flawless

Vorkosigan fic rec

deep as I have been done by loneraven

Beautiful, thoughtful fic about Simon surviving after Memory.